Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hotspot Shield Elite

Hotspot Shield Elite is a quick and vital proxy service that allows a fast and reliable access to a well encrypted and documented array of internet protocol addresses. Hotspot Shield Elite is the most secure proxy service available. This is due to the fact that it is well encrypted therefore all your date is effectively hidden from those who may want to intercept it. Hotspot Shield Elite has the capability of compressing your data so that it occupies less space. This is very important feature as transmission of the data from source to destination becomes quicker and more efficient.

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About Hotspot Shield Elite

Hotspot Shield Elite provides to its customers some free offers such as unlimited bandwidth. This is a standard offer from any proxy service provider. However, when it comes to your ISPs, the unlimited bandwidth offered will remain limited to the amount they give you. This proxy service includes a back up guarantee of a total of thirty days. This means that you have adequate time to test it thoroughly. It also applies SSL encryption.

Features of Hotspot Shield Elite

1. It is usually comes with a proxy –browser feature that is standard. This proxy-browser is meant for protection of malware. This means that while using Hotspot Shield Elite proxy services your computer will never get viruses .Users are therefore off-loaded the worries and the extra expenses of having to buy commercial anti-virus programs.

2. It is well known to offer openVPN connection that is specially meant for your virtual private network. When compared to the likes of PPTP and LT2P, the openVPN connection is much more stable, secure and reliable .It is very important for one to have other connections as they may be of use in future

3. This Hotspot Shield Elite proxy service ensures ones privacy is upheld when using the proxy browser. This is because your Internet Protocol address does not appear, instead the IP address of an unnamed proxy service appears. This is an important feature as your exposure on the web is limited. Therefore, you can surf on the web anonymously while your IP address is kept hidden.

4. It has proprietary automatic data compression. This is a feature meant to quicken transfer of data and information. This is achieved by reducing the size if the data packages. However, it is important to bear in mind that, possession of this feature does not mean that movement of data and information will automatic be fast. This is because there are other important factors that determine the speed of your internet and hence the speed of data and information transfer. These factors include; how close you are to the Hotspot Shield Elite proxy service server you are connected to and also your internet service.

Benefits of the Hotspot Shield Elite

Lengthy back up guarantee

Unlike other proxy service that give a back up guarantee of just a week or days, Hotspot Shield Elite proxy service gives a lengthy thirty day back up guarantee. This impressive length of time is important as one can assess if they like the service or not without much hurry.

It is user friendliness

This service offers one an address for tech support. When emailed, the tech support will provide you will useful information about the proxy service. You can also find useful information such as how to use the proxy service from the FAQs page. This online forum can give you detailed information that can assist you set up, use and install the Hotspot Shield Elite proxy service. You can also access information on how to use the proxy service on a mobile phone.

Excellent connection services

The Hotspot Shield Elite proxy services is capable of connecting you to a proxy service or give a warning that the network you are connecting to may require use of proxy service. You can also choose to establish the connection manually if you don’t want the sign warning. Its interface is usually clear whenever you are connected to a server.


Hotspot Shield Elite proxy service offers the best privacy and security protection when compared to a web proxy. Apart from enabling the access of any Geo-restricted websites and blocked sites it also adds up by encrypting your internet traffic.

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